Letter to The Argus: Teachers, pupils and staff do not want this academy


Wow! Saturday Soapbox given over almost entirely to those opposed to a quality education provision for all our children.

I think I ought to say that teachers, pupils and staff at Hove Park have stated categorically that they are opposed to academy status, that opposition has been clearly reflected by pupil protests, a teachers strike that shut the school, a ballot of parents that showed 70 per cent of parents against academisation, and the election of three parent governors opposed to academisation.

Sadly Wealls & Goddard seem to value their own petty politicking more highly than the democratically-expressed wishes of the people.

As to the attempted beatification of Michael Gove by the head of Brighton College, it is perhaps more important to recall that Gove was considered such a disaster not only by teachers and parents, but also by his own party, who demoted him from Education Secretary.

But then I am not sure that anybody who has invited not only Gove but Jonathan Aitken, a convicted perjurer and Max Mosely to a conference on education (The Argus, May 9) is to be relied upon in deciding the way forward for our schools.

Parents at Hove Park choose not to send their children to a private school like Brighton College. They chose their local comprehensive and they have categorically affirmed their wish for it to remain a local comprehensive.

Unlike Mr Cairns, we don’t think that what “this country really needs is the restructuring of its entire educational model” either.

We’d just like our children, rather than prestige career-building enterprises, to be the paramount focus of the schools they go to.

The message from parents, pupils, teachers and the Brighton and Hove community is overwhelming: We like our school the way it is.

Robb Johnson
Payne Avenue


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