Messages of support coming from near and far

Support is pouring in for striking teachers, here are some of the messages 

Please forward my support to the brave and selfless strike action that the NUT members at HPS will be taking. My daughter will be attending Blatchington Mill School in September and I am deeply worried that if Hove Park becomes an Academy, Blatch will follow.

I applaud the bravery of the striking teachers and urge everyone in Brighton and Hove, this independent and free thinking city to take a stand against this proposed academy status.

Blatchington Mill parent

I have children in years 9 and 10 and one going into year 7 in September. I am fully supportive of the strike; it’s reassuring to know my children  are being taught by professionals with principles.

Good luck

Hove Park parent

Hi to all Hove Park teachers and parents

As an NUT member and a parent of one child that has left Hove Park and one child that is  still there, I fully support your strike and will try and get along today to support you at some point.

Hove Park parent and NUT member

Dear Teachers

I fully support your decision to strike today, against proposal to turn our fine school into an academy. I know that the decision to take strike action is not an easy option, but I support your right protect your jobs and working conditions.

Good luck and best wishes

Parent of two children at Hove Park.

Hello All,

Good luck today – rather belated, I know, but unable to get to a computer before now! – our family are right behind you.

Campaign supporter

Dear Hove Park teachers,

We would like to send a message of support and to show our solidarity for the actions you are taking in resisting the push for academy status. We wish you all the best for the strike tomorrow and hope the result of the forthcoming council ballot is the right one.

From NUT members at Patcham High School, Brighton

I’d like to add my support for the strike tomorrow and my thanks to those parents and teachers working so hard on this campaign.

Parent of year 10 and year 7 pupils

I am writing to support Hove Park School teachers in their day of action tomorrow (Wednesday 16th).

It is heartening to see hard-working staff recognising the need to campaign against the academisation plans. It is the teachers who have done so much to improve academic standards and the general environment of the school, By taking this courageous day of action, teachers are bolstering the continuing progress of HPS under accountable local authority control.

Hove Park School parent

Best of luck to all those teachers standing up for their right to be heard this Wednesday.  I am sure nobody wants to strike but if nobody is listening otherwise, what other option do you have?  Nonetheless, it’s still a brave and worthy action.  Well done.

Campaign supporter

Right behind you – a wonderful effort – and will be with you as early as the 2-bus journey will allow.

NUT committee member

Well done – we fully support you.

Year ten parent

Hello, I was involved in the campaign to stop Varndean School becoming an academy and I want to offer my support to the Hove Park teachers taking strike action against the school turning into an academy.

Your efforts are invaluable in trying to stop the tide of academies in Brighton and Hove and I wish you the best of luck with your action.

Local anti-academy campaigner

Congratulations on having the guts to stand up for what’s right. Hardly ever happens these days. Your campaign should be an inspiration to everyone opposed to the neoliberal consensus.

University Professor, Brighton

Dear Colleagues

Congratulations  from Islington teachers for your courageous decision to take strike action against the proposal to convert Hove Park School in to an academy.

We have fought battles of our own against academies in Islington and we are likely to face more of them in the future until we defeat once and for all the drive by successive governments to privatise our schools.

Your action will be an inspiration to us in the battles to come.

In solidarity

Assistant Secretary, Islington NUT

A message of support to the HPS teachers.

I really value the work you do and am highly supportive of the action you are taking to make sure a strong message is delivered to the leadership team ahead of their academy conversion decision. I’m sorry it has come to this, but firmly believe you are right to pursue direct action to ensure the governors (in particular) are aware of the strength of your concerns.

Father of two at HPS

Please forward my support to the principled and selfless strike action that the NUT members at HPS will be taking. My children attend Stringer and I feel sure that the academisation of HPS would be the ‘thin end of the wedge’ as has always been the case with these marketisation policies in other sectors (Fundholding GPs, Foundation Trusts). Governments can only drive their policies by force if citizens don’t stand together, we are powerless as individuals but mighty as a united collective.

Dorothy Stringer High School parent, Brighton

The NUT group at Prendergast Ladywell Fields College voted unanimously to send a message of support to teachers, parents, students and supporters of the campaign to stop Hove Park School from becoming an academy. This message was passed at a meeting of our school group on Wednesday 2nd July 2014.

Academies are central to this government’s plans to break up state funded education and the ability to control policy and practice in schools through a local education authority.  In Lewisham NUT we have been steadfast in campaigning against any moves towards academies and the vast majority of schools in Lewisham remain within LEA governance.

We applaud your campaign, and in particular we support the teachers in the forthcoming strike action against these plans, which the Head teacher is clearly attempting to bulldozer through.  The growth in the numbers of academies has led to an increase in education based on ‘outputs’, which measures success on exam results alone rather than giving students a rounded education.

Academies have also led to an appalling deterioration in teacher’s working conditions, and to the fact that 2 in 5 teachers leave teaching within the first five years.

Good luck with your march, picnic, campaign for election to the governing body and in the teachers strike action.  We have fought off many an attack by remaining united and steadfast at PLFC.  You can do the same!

This message was also endorsed by Martin Powell Davies, General Secretary of Lewisham NUT and member of the NUT National Executive.

In solidarity,  Fran Crowhurst, NUT rep, PLFC,  Lewisham.

Fingers crossed, solidarity and all the best for tomorrow.

Your resistance has been brilliant; you have the support of thousands and the moral and educational victory is already yours.

Aidan on behalf of the Anti Academies Alliance Officers

Free Uni Brighton @FreeUni Brighton

Sending a message of support to @NotoHPSacademy campaign and all teachers striking tomorrow. Important to stand firm against academisation.

John Sanderson @johnsanderson13

Solidarity from Northumberland NUT

To NUT members at Hove Park School and all other staff

As parents, carers and students at Hove Park School we back your brave and principled decision to oppose the planned academisation of Hove Park School and of the NUT members to take strike action. As you are aware, parents and staff voicing opposition to the academy plan are being portrayed as extremists and even ‘outside agitators’. The once mainstream view that state schools should be maintained by and accountable to the local authority and local community is now being vilified by certain self-interested parties as a highly political one.

Of course, seeking academy conversion in itself is a highly political act. It removes schools from the democratic and local arena, centralising power in the hands of a poorly-equipped and ideologically driven Department for Education and deliberately placing the precious education of our children in the way of unrestrained market forces. This in no way guarantees universal quality coverage of state education either locally or nationally. Instead it is already leading to a damaging fragmentation of that very valuable national resource and, combined with the Free School programme, a splintering of fair distribution of financial maintenance. We recognise that it is also threatening the immediate and long-term security of staff pay, terms and conditions.

Brighton & Hove has always done things differently and with a local council that has clearly stated its opposition to the academisation of our schools, a vocal parent body and staff sticking together, we can fight this plan. We can keep schools Brighton & Hove – not part of an  unformed chain of unknown schools.

It is clear that we are already winning the moral victory and nationally the tide is turning against this government’s approach to education. Even a cursory glance at the facts reveals that there is no obvious benefit to students or staff from academy conversion.

Your courageous action could help achieve a landmark victory in the fight against this damaging government policy and we support you to that end.

Stay strong

Hands Off Hove Park School campaign

To send a message of support to the teachers and the campaign, please email: or add a comment below

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