School campaign highlights engaged community

Letter to The Argus  – observations from a HOHPS active campaign member

As a parent involved in the Hands of Hove Park campaign I wanted to point out two interesting side effects of the on-going protest.

The first is perhaps obvious but too rarely mentioned and involves the community spirit.

The campaign has been characterized by a warmth, friendliness and conviviality that offers it a worth beyond its aims.

The second observation is a bemused disappointment with the local Labour Party candidate Peter Kyle, and indicatively perhaps the current mentality of main party politicians?

The academy argument is reasonably straightforward I think. You either believe schools should service the interests of businessmen or you don’t. It is, regardless of how you frame it, political.

As such one ought to expect a would be politician to have a position. Unfortunately they wait to see which way the wind blows before hastily borrowing someone else’s kite.

Still, whilst this by product has helped me decide who not to vote for, this campaign has shown me what a principled, engaged and thoughtful community I find myself in. You will forgive me I hope for writing to say something, mostly, nice!

Mark Radcliffe

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