Election of three missing parent governors

Dear Mike Nicholls, HPS Chair of Governors and Governing Body,

The Director of Children’s Services at Brighton & Hove City Council, Mr Pinacki Ghoshal, has twice written to the Board of Governors at Hove Park School instructing it to hold elections for the three vacant parent governor posts (out of six) on the Board, immediately.

The reason for this instruction is that the Board is currently in breach of the local authority’s regulations on the constitution of school governing bodies.To date we are not aware of any reply to Mr Ghoshal’s instruction or the announcement of any elections.

Hands Off Hove Park School originally alerted the local authority to this breach and it’s 160+ members are very concerned that the Board is not taking this matter in hand as a serious breach of governance. At a few of the parent consultation meetings, Mr Nicholls said that the reason that the elections had not taken place was that the governors are only volunteers and given the academy consultation, didn’t have the time for parent governor elections.

We do not consider it acceptable to say that a breach of governance is excusable for these reasons. One of the reasons there is a regulatory structure is to ensure correct and robust decision-making. 

As parents of children at Hove Park School, we have to ask, will the Board ever make a more important decision about HPS, and indeed their own role in its future?

We ask that any governors not able to serve the Board in full, at this critical time, step down and allow others to fill their shoes. 

We also ask that the extraordinarily tight timeframe for the consultation is extended to ensure that the governors have adequate time to fully consider the vast range of submissions from parents and others. This would also provide extra time for the governing body to properly constitute the Board with members committed to robust governance and oversight of processes. 

We ask that the election of the three missing parent governors is carried out immediately and certainly before any vote on academisation takes place.


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