Correspondence: Reported insults to Governors

Dear Mike Nicholls, HPS Chair of Governors and Governing Body, 

Parents involved in the Hands Off Hove Park campaign group are surprised and appalled to hear that members of the Governing Body have received insulting emails and there has been an incident where a governor was spat at in the street. If indeed that is the case, we extend our sympathies to those concerned.

As we have made clear before, we a group of ordinary, non-politically aligned mums and dads who do not wish to see our local school taken down the academy route, with all the uncertainties this entails. We are sure that any individual governors that have met any of us will confirm this is the case. We would, therefore, like to make it clear that this parents’ group in no way condones the behaviour described in the paragraph above and ask that you, as Chair, ensure that we are not falsely associated with it. As you will know from our extensive correspondence, which we are publishing in full on our website, we wish to formally engage with the governors on a very wide range of issues so they have access to the views of the large group of parents we collectively represent. To not take the opportunity to engage with us would be remiss.

It would be helpful if the Chair of Governors made it clear, in a letter to us, that the incidents mentioned are in no way considered by the Governing Body to relate to the parents/carers involved in Hands Off Hove Park and that, as you have assured us in the past, we are viewed with the respect we deserve by both the SLT and the Governing Body as genuinely concerned parents/carers and key stakeholders of the school. In addition, we would suggest you issue a joint statement with us condemning the appalling behaviour referred to above. Do let us know if we can help in this way as we would be very happy to work with you to that end.

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