Correspondence: Face-to-face dialogue with parents and governors

Dear Mike Nicholls, HPS Chair of Governors and Governing Body,
Parents attending the Year 11/Sixth Form consultation meeting last night were very disappointed to hear Mr Trimmer say that the senior leadership team and the Governing Body would not meet with parents representing Hands Off Hove Park.

We are also disappointed to hear that individual correspondence will not be replied to by the Governing Body due to time / workload constraints.

Further, it was clear that the school does not intend to hold a ballot of parents in order to both engage them and translate their views into useable data.

We have come together as a group (over 160 of us) because of a shared range of concerns about academisation at Hove Park School and the consultation process leading to that decision. Collectively we have explored many aspects of the proposed conversion and we feel that were it to go ahead, it would be at odds with the best interests of our own children, other children at Hove Park, and children throughout Brighton & Hove and in years to come. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to explore some of the issues in more depth than is possible with the formal consultation process and feel that a face-to-face dialogue with a few members of Hands Off Hove Park and members of the Governing Body would be a useful way for Governors to engage with these viewpoints, without being overwhelmed, and for parents to get some answers to their many questions.

The lack of balance in the consultation documentation and presentations means most parents aren’t being given the broader picture. As governors, of course, you can choose to engage more widely and we urge you to take up that opportunity in this instance.
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