Misleading parents (and Governors?) about unqualified teachers

Dear Mike Nicholls, HPS Chair of Governors and Governing Body,

Parents are being told at your consultation meetings that HPS will not employ unqualified teachers if the school becomes an academy. We know for fact that the school is already employing unqualified teachers. Please explain as a matter of urgency.

We know of 2/3 unqualified staff members who are currently teaching at HPS. Our undertanding is that: one teaches in the Food Tech department; one is a supply/philosophy teacher and one is, we believe, a former aquaintance of an SLT member and commutes in from Portsmouth every day. We understand that the school employs up to five unqualified teaches in total. Again, please confirm that our understanding is correct.

Either the Governors aware of this and if so, condone and are complicit in the the fact that parents are being misled about this at the Consultation meetings. Or, the Governors are also being kept in the dark about this issue. Either way, as Chair you have a responsibility to hold the SLT to scrutiny – is this being done on the issue of employing unqualified teachers and the fact that yet again, parents and possibly the Governing Body are blatently being misled?

As with the artroom situation, we urge that you do not allow parents to be misled in the Consultation process until these matters have been explained and clarified.

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