Correspondence: New art rooms

16th May 2014

From: Handsoffhoveparksch

To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>,

Subject: New art rooms

Dear Mr Nicholls, Mr Trimmer and Governing Body,

We received an email this morning from a parent – see extract below in italics.

“Just thought I ought to pass on comments from my boys in year 7 and 9. This may be common knowledge to everyone else, but they’ve both been told by their art teachers that the school are having new art class rooms built over the summer. This was told as fact, not as something the school is hoping for. My son’s year 7 class were even allowed to do Jackson Pollock style paint throwing paintings because it didn’t matter if paint went everywhere as the classrooms are soon to be demolished. ”

Please can you explain if this is true and if so, clarify where the funding for the new art rooms is coming from? We all sympathise with the building situation at HPS and have separately expressed this to the LA.

However, if there is already funding in place for much needed art rooms without going down the academy route, why are parents being told otherwise in the consultation meetings?

If the art rooms are to be redeveloped over the summer, as pupils have been told, building plans must surely be in place. Can you explain this in the context of the current consultation process which is under way and the current reassurance given over and over by the Chair of Governors to parents that they are currently ‘undecided’ about whether or not to seek academy status and this decision will be based on the outcomes of the consultation process?

We urge a speedy response to these questions and suggest the art rooms are not presented as a benefit of academisation until this matter is clarified openly and in a transparent manner. To continue to do so is misleading parents.

Your sincerely


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