Correspondence: Associate Governors

16th May 2014

From: Handsoffhoveparksch


Subject: Associate Governors

Dear Chair of Governors, Hove Park School

  • Please can you tell us the status of Associate Governors?  
  • Do they have voting rights on the Full Governing Body?
  • Please can you clarify the exact number of Parent Govs now on the Governing Body with a vote?
  • Please can you also confirm how governors will be asked to vote on academisation – openly or secretly?
Many Thanks

In response to your questions regarding governance.

The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013


Procedures (Part 4)

26. The regulations require that decisions of the board and its committees are made by a majority of the votes of the governors present and voting on the decision in question. Governors must declare pecuniary interests and the board should decide whether this represents a conflict such that the governor should withdraw from discussion and/or decision making.
27. Associate members cannot vote on board decisions, but may be permitted by the board to vote in decisions of any committees to which they are appointed.

Proceedings of the governing body

  1. —(1) The quorum for a meeting of the governing body and for any vote on any matter at such a meeting, is one half (rounded up to a whole number) of the membership of the governing body.

(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1) the membership of the governing body does not include vacant positions on the governing body.

(3) Every question to be decided at a meeting of the governing body is to be determined by a majority of the votes of the governors present and voting on the question.

(4) Where there is an equal division of votes the chair, or as the case may be, the person who is acting as chair for the purposes of the meeting (provided that such person is a governor), will have a second or casting vote.

Our associate members were parent governors whose term of office came to an end on 30th April 2014, they were co-opted by the governing body to parent associate status to retain their voice during the academy consultation and prior to reconstitution of our membership at the first available opportunity given our current workload. (We will reconstitute following other governing body’s within the city Blatchington Mill, Varndean in accordance to the school governance constitution regs sept 2012 and the requirement that all governing bodies reconstitute at the latest by sept 2015.)

There are currently 3 elected parent governors who are able to vote, we also have  a community governor who is also a parent having been co-opted from the role of parent governor to retain a key skill within the governing body.  In addition we have two governors who are parents of children who have now left Hove Park.  We have a strong involvement of parents on our governing body.

Parent governors although drawn from the parent body do not represent parents, they are well placed to understand parent views and remind the governing body how matters discussed affect parents.

Parent governors are not expected to simply represent the interests of parents, nor be a link between parents and the governing body.  Parent governors are also not expected to vote as instructed by parents.


To sum up all governors are drawn from representative groups but are not required to represent these groups on the governing body.  This principle applies to all governors, all of whom can be approached by parents, all governors will listen to parent views.


Mike Nicholls

Chair of Governors

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