Parents oppose academy plans with song

Parents have come together to record a song in opposition of their children’s school becoming an academy.

The parents, whose children attend Hove Park School, set up the pressure group Hands Off Hove Park and recorded the song as part of their campaign.

They will pile into Transmission Studios in Hove on Friday to record their protest song.

The school announced last month it was considering, alongside other options, becoming an academy.

Robb Johnson, a parent who wrote and has performed the song, said: “The school just weren’t responding to our emails and letters so we thought we would sing at them instead – we just want our voices heard.

“Although it’s quite a fun thing to do, I hope it’ll show them how committed we are to this and how seriously we’re taking it.”

Hove Park headteacher Derek Trimmer held the school’s first consultation meeting on Monday and Hands Off Hove Park handed out leaflets to up to 30 parents.

The pressure group, led by parent Sharon Duggal, is up to 164 members and a petition has fetched more than 1,500 signatures.

She said: “The fact that families, teachers, the local authority, local residents and the community are campaigning so hard against the proposal shows how much they care.”

“They simply do not believe this is the right direction for our school. The Governors need to examine why we all feel this way – what our oppositions are based on and why the senior leadership team think they are right.

“They also need to consider what happens when the current senior leadership team move on.

“Are the governors confident the decisions they make now are the right ones for the future?”

She added: “The song is part of a wide-reaching campaign with many parents, grandparents and students offering the time, skills and expertise they have to support it.

“This includes educationalists, writers and musicians including Robb who has penned this brilliantly catchy song which perfectly captures the sentiment.”

Mr Trimmer was unavailable for comment yesterday.

To hear the song, visit


Dear Mr Trimmer, dear Michael Gove, On behalf of the people of Brighton and Hove.

We won’t be bullied or bribed or fooled, Hands off Hove Park School.


Whose school? Our school.

Not yours, Trimmer and Gove.

Whose School? Our School.

Keep it Brighton and Hove.

We like our school the way it is, Cos it’s a school and not a business.

Privatisation just makes things worse, We want a school that puts children first.


You put the con in consultation, Cos we vote for state education.

You keep things quiet (shh!) but we sing loudly, No backroom bungs from Apple of Saudi.


Hands off Hove Park (x6)

Keep it Brighton and Hove Hands off Hove Park (x6)

Keep it Brighton and Hove (x3)

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