Correspondence: Academy proposal/community consultation – please respond

13th May 2014

From: Handsoffhoveparksch

To: “”, “”,

Subject: Academy proposal/community consultation – please respond

Dear Mike Nicholls, Chair of Governors

Following the first consultation meeting yesterday  we have received feedback that there is very limited time given to questions and responses from parents/carers from the floor. Given the very clear and  strong opposition to the proposal demonstrated in the last few weeks, please confirm how you, as Chair, will  ensure that all voices get heard by the Governing Body to ensure a due process takes place before any decision gets made?
There is obviously not this opportunity built into the consultation meetings as so much time is taken up by presentations.  It really would be remiss to ignore  all these people and would put any consultation process in jeopardy.
Can you confirm that every governor at the school will have access to everything submitted to the consultation email before, during and after these consultation weeks? And please confirm that they will be furnished with all responses and correspondance relating to the proposal between the school and the Dfe and between yourself as Chair and the Head, Mr Trimmer.  To have just one or two people acting on behalf of a body of people is not acceptable in a matter as important and controversial as this.
Also, why is the school /Governing Body not considering a  secret, independent ballot of all staff, parents and students on this matter?  Is the Governing Body 100% confident that the decision they make will represent  these stakeholders well into the future?  Are the decision makers  of the process concerned about what this ballot might reveal? Also, can you give us a clear timeline for any furtrhering of this process after the cnsultation meetings.
Can you let us know who has been invited to the community consultation event? Many local community members do not know where or when this will be but feel they are very much part of the local community that would want to be consulted on this.  How has this meeting been advertised to members of the community?
Finally, We are getting very little response to our emails and questions – which is very worrying when we are meant to be in a process of consultation. Please can you explain why this is?
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