Correspondence: Mr Trimmer attending Brighton College conference

7th May 2014

From: handsoffhoveparksch

Subject: Mr Trimmer attending Brighton College conference

Dear Mike Nicholls, Chair of Governors and Governing Body,

We are very disappointed to learn that Derek Trimmer will be attending the ‘Education Conference’ tomorrow at fee-paying school Brighton College to listen to and ‘learn’ from the views of of such people as Max Moseley and Jonathan Aitken. Please can you confirm if this is true and whether school funds are being used to pay for his attendance and ‘superb lunch’ on offer as part of the ticket price.

If it is true, please explain the rationale behind his attendance at this crucial time in both the exam timetable and in the consultation process. Please also explain exactly what Mr Trimmer hopes to learn from the panel and by his full day away from his job of leading a local, comprehensive community school with a fair and equal admissions system?

Please confirm whether attendance at this conference was authorised by the Governing Body and deemed to be a good use of school resources? If so, how come?

Are any other members of the SLT/Governing Body attending? Specifically, are Mr Hindeman and Mr Macleod attending?
Hands Off Hove Park School

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