Correspondence: More questions

6th May 2014

From: Handsoffhoveparksch


Subject: more questions

Please find below some additional questions from a member of our campaign group. Please confirm how these questions and full responses/answers to them (alongside all the ones previously submitted by the group and by individuals) will be shared with all school stakeholders via an open and accessible platform.

Considering that the Governing body is so central and important to the school, will there be any guarantees that the full Governing body will be retained in the future?
When talking about leading and working with multi-academy schools – is it envisaged that local primary schools are also going to become academies or will these schools be in other parts of the country?
What guarantees will there be that the school will maintain pay and conditions for staff and that the school will not recruit under-qualified teaching staff?
Can it be guaranteed that the school will not increase costs of school uniform / school meals and that it will continue to adhere to national standards for nutrition?
Will the special needs focus be maintained?
Will parents and members of the community have the opportunity to vote on conversion to academy status?

Hands Off Hove Park School

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