Correspondence: decision on parents’ reps

From: handsoffhoveparksch

To: <>,, <>

Subject: decision on parents’ reps?

Dear Mike Nicholls and Governing Body

Thank you for the consultation information sent to parents/carers yesterday.
We have asked a number of times if the HPS Campaign group can have a small number of reps at meetings to parents and at the assemblies to children in the interests of balance, and to show that you are happy for parents/carers/students to have access to opposing as well as pro academy views –  so a true consultation can take  place. Please can you let us know what has been decided on this?
We recognise that this consultation process is a huge extra commitment for the Governing Body and we have no doubt that the Governing Body wants the best outcome from this process. With this in mind, we are  sure you will agree that any consultation must present all sides of a debate to ensure people are fully informed, listened to, answered and have access to open, transparent and democratic processes as of it.  Ultimately, we are sure we all agree that the best outcome of this process has to be what is best for students, families and children across the City and all local communities now and for generations to come.
Yours sincerely

7th May 2014


Dear HPS Campaign,

Thank you for your email of Thursday 1st May to Mike Nicholls (below).  I am forwarding on a response on his behalf:

The assemblies for students will be neutral and are being run by the students themselves. We don’t believe that it’s appropriate for members of staff to present their own political views, so we have asked our student governors to research and present:

– what an academy is

– what the difference is between forced academy conversions and converter academies

– what some people see as the benefits of becoming an academy

– what some people see as the drawbacks of becoming an academy

– who the governing body are and why they make decisions like these

– how students can join in the consultation

I hope that you agree that this is a balanced and fair way to present the information to students. It would not be appropriate to have representatives of any external group, pro or anti academy, talking to the students about their views. We will, however, give students the name of your group should they wish to conduct their own research.

Kind regards,

Mike Nicholls

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